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BGP Expert Test

Answer these ten questions and we'll tell you if you're BGP expert. Enjoy!

For some questions, more than one answer is correct.

These questions are somewhat Cisco-centric. We also have another set of questions and answers for self-study purposes.

  • Question 1

    What is the version of BGP that first supported CIDR?

    BGP version 1
    BGP version 2
    BGP version 3
    BGP version 4
    BGP version 5
    None of the above

  • Question 2

    What are valid BGP terms? (Multiple answers are possible.)

    None of the above

  • Question 3

    On top of which protocol does BGP run?

    Directly on top of IP
    None of the above

  • Question 4

    The Cisco IOS "no synchronization" configuration option is used to disable synchronization between BGP and the IGP, so there is no need to add it to the configuration under the following circumstances:

    Never, it is the default
    When you're running an IGP, because then you'll want to synchronize
    When you're not running an IGP, because there is no need
    None of the above

  • Question 5

    MBGP means:

    Multilink BGP
    Multiprotocol BGP
    Multicast BGP
    None of the above

  • Question 6

    In the global routing table, sometimes the same AS number shows up more than once in a path.


  • Question 7

    When ARIN, RIPE or the APNIC assigns you the range - out of a - allocation, you should announce over BGP:

    Three /24's
    A /23 and a /24
    A /22
    A /20
    A /19
    None of the above

  • Question 8

    What would you say to someone who wants to run BGP on a Cisco 2500 router (check all that apply):

    There is no software image that supports BGP for the 2500 (no need to check other answers)
    That won't work, a 2500 is too slow
    You don't want this, a 2500 is too slow
    That will work if you don't take full routing from your peers
    That will work, even with full routing
    None of the above

  • Question 9

    Local preference is:

    Local to a single router
    Local to a single AS
    Local to a single neighbor connection
    None of the above

  • Question 10

    When selecting the best path, the BGP protocol takes into account the following information in the stated order:

    Path, origin type, multi-exit discriminator, local preference
    Path, origin type, local preference, multi-exit discriminator
    Local preference, path, origin type, multi-exit discriminator
    Local preference, path, multi-exit discriminator, origin type
    None of the above